Kinetic Reels

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Etrixx Surf Reel

Kinetic Etrixx Surf Reel

The Etrixx Surf reel is a superb choice for surfcasting enthusiasts. With its shallow spool design it delivers excellent casting performance, enabling longer and more accurate casts. Available in two...
7000 FD8000 FD
Kinetic Brutalis Spinning Reel

Kinetic Brutalis Spinning Reel

The Kinetic Brutalis has striking looks, durable design and a silky-smooth drag. Sturdy graphite body and rotor is tough without adding weight. Thick aluminum bail wire design prevents bending. Aircraft-grade...
Kinetic Brutalis

Kinetic Brutalis

Kinetic Brutalis are one of the most versatile all-round reels at an unbelievable price. The lightweight, reinforced graphite frame and side plates house brass main gears and stainless-steel pinion gears,...
Kinetic Wave Blaster Spinning Reel

Kinetic Wave Blaster Spinning Reel

 Kinetic Wave Blaster For the serious surf caster, distance matters, and the Kinetic Wave Blaster surf spinning reel delivers. It's specifically designed to maximize casting distance, without relinquishing full power...
Kinetic X-Run Spinning Reel

Kinetic X-Run Spinning Reel

Kinetic X-Run Get the touch and control you need for fishing carp, pike and sturgeon with the Kinetic X-Run BR reel. Flip a switch and the rear drag engages, allowing...