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Shimano Ultegra XSE

Shimano Ultegra XSE

The Ultegra XTE and XSE are based on Shimano’s best selling models and are set to redefine the mid-priced long range reel market. Containing many of Shimano’s leading ‘long cast’...
Shimano Nasci FC

Shimano Nasci FC

The Nasci range combines modern design with Shimano's unrivalled engineering excellence. The understated, monochromic grey body has subtle chrome accents and is a compelling proposition for anglers looking for a...
2500 HG
Mikado Sensual NG Spinning Reel

Mikado Sensual NG Spinning Reel

SENSUAL NG is a very versatile reel with drag adjustment located in front part of its body. Minimalistic design, precise drag, aluminium-made spool and crank are advantages that make it...
2004 FD3004 FD4004 FD
Mikado Trython FD Spinning Reel

Mikado Trython FD Spinning Reel

Series of universal reels that will work great during spinning, float and bottom angling. Fitted with a thrust bearing, precise drag and a strong gear, they guarantee reliable action in...
3004 FD4004 FD
Daiwa 23 Ninja LT

Daiwa 23 Ninja LT

With the 23' Ninja DAIWA offers the latest Japanese design concept and inspirational technics – at an outstanding price-performance ratio!Compared to the previous model the 23' Ninja has been improved...
Westin W4 Baitcasting Reel

Westin W4 Baitcasting Reel - Left Handed

Introducing the W4 series of baitcasting reels - the perfect combination of power, style, performance, with an array of unique features. With a variety of sizes available, starting from 50...
101 SSG301 SSG301 HSG
Westin W6 Baitcasting Reel

Westin W6 Baitcasting Reel - Left Handed

Introducing the top-notch W6 series of baitcasting reels, now proudly joining our lineup as the flagship model. Offering a variety of sizes, starting from 50 and progressing to 100, 200,...
51 HSG301 SSG301 HSG
Etrixx Surf Reel

Kinetic Etrixx Surf Reel

The Etrixx Surf reel is a superb choice for surfcasting enthusiasts. With its shallow spool design it delivers excellent casting performance, enabling longer and more accurate casts. Available in two...
7000 FD8000 FD
Shimano Sedona FJ

Shimano Sedona FJ

The Shimano Sedona FJ spinning reel is a must-have for any angler. This reel is built with durability and performance in mind, making it the perfect choice for both novice and...
C5000 XGC3000
Shimano Ultegra FC

Shimano Ultegra XG

The ULTEGRA is the ultimate evolution of one of Shimano's most popular mid-priced reels. Containing many of the latest technical features found on top-of-the-range SHIMANO reels, at a price that...
C3000 HG4000 XG
Shimano Sahara FJ

Shimano Sahara XG

Shimano Sahara FJ front drag reel range combines modern design with many of Shimano's best technical features. Perfect for many freshwater and in-shore saltwater methods, this is a classy mid-priced...
C3000 HGC4000 XGC5000 XG
Quantum Omen FDI Spin Reel

Quantum Omen FDI Spin Reel

The Omen FDI from Quantum is a great spinning reel that convinces any discerning angler. The reel features a fine front drag system that works extremely smoothly. The lightweight construction...
540 FDI