Fox Rage

There’s not a day that goes by when tens of thousands of anglers across the globe go fishing armed with a variety of products from the Fox International portfolio.

With the Fox, Matrix, Specialist, Predator and Fox Rage brands covering disciplines such as carp, Match, coarse, traditional predator and modern lure fishing, Fox International is firmly established as one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe. The company originates from Essex, UK, where Cliff Fox launched his first ever Fox International angling product – a metal ruler showing size limits of certain species of fish caught in UK matches (when anglers had to fish to a set of size limit rules).

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Fox Rage Giant Replicant Realistic Pike

Fox Rage Giant Replicant® Realistic Pike

Pike eat pike, there’s no denying that, and that’s exactly what the new Realistic Pike Replicant takes advantage of. Coming in 15, 20 and 25cm sizes, the new lure is highly-realistic...
25 cm
Fox Rage Ti Pro Harnes

Fox Rage Ti Pro Harnes

Perfect for a range of soft lures, the Ti Pro harnesses deliver high-quality, belly weighted rigging options for your lure fishing. High-quality construction from top grade components Feature 35kg titanium...
20-25cm/35kg/hook 1/025-30cm/35kg/hook 2/0
Fox Rage Giant Replicant

Fox Rage Giant Replicant®

Things just got BIG! The Giant Replicant is designed to tempt to biggest of predators using the legendary Replicant Wobble action. 35cm/443g 27cm/218g Fitted with bespoke, detachable harness system to...
27cm/218g/Slow Sink35cm/443g/Slow Sink
Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Roach

Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Roach

A brilliantly life-like lure based on the ultimate prey fish, the roach, the new Realistic Roach Replicant delivers a highly realistic body shape created from the new super resistant lure...
Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Trout

Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Trout

The Fox Rage Replicant family expands further with this incredible new addition – the Replicant Trout. Featuring highly-realistic detailing, this lure is tuned to deliver a swimming action that is...
Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Trout Shallow

Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Trout Shallow

Hunt them in the shallows with the Realistic Replicant Trout in shallow format. Two sizes; 18cm / 70g and 23cm / 130g Three colour options in 23cm size; Ultra UV...
18cm/70g/Slow Sink23cm/130g/Slow Sink